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ASET Ambassador Program

Promote Careers In Neurodiagnostic Technology Get Active with ASET Ambassador Programs

Career Ambassadors and NDT Ambassadors are a volunteer network of industry professional, and technologist that promote careers in the neurodiagnostic technology fields in their communities. Through hands-on activities and engaging presentations, Ambassadors help young people understand and appreciate the role neurodiagnostic technology has in patient care and inspire them to pursue a career within the field while cultivating relationships in their community.

NDT Ambassadors

What is NDT Ambassadors?
NDT Ambassadors is a network of technologist members who meet with and present to medical students. NDT Ambassadors also host meet-ups for medical students to discuss neurodiagnostic with each other and other technologist to learn more about the specialty.

Ambassador Activities
NDT Ambassadors have a variety of activities to choose from, including the following:
1. Presentations: Connect with a student group to talk to medical students about neurodiagnostic technology. This can be as simple as following the ASET PowerPoint or as elaborate as setting up hands-on activities.
2. Shadowships: Host a student at your workplace and take them through your day so they can learn “hands-on” what happens in the field every day.
3. Host a Meet-up: Host a meet-up at a local restaurant, library, etc. for students to come and ask questions about working in the field. Enlist your colleagues to attend and help engage with the students.


There, you will fill out a short informational questionnaire regarding your plans for your presentation.
Once you have submitted this form, you will receive an email full of educational materials provided by ASET to assist you throughout the process.


ASET provides you with the support necessary to reach out to learning institutions by supplying you with presentation tools, letters, and other multimedia formats.

ASET What’s My Next Resource

ASET What’s My Next page is designed to engage students curious about Neurodiagnostic careers and to show them what is NEXT.

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