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2023 Candidate Information Form

Please complete the below questions and submit the following:

  1. Letter of support from a current ASET member and your supervisor or employer (word document)
  2. Names of two individuals willing to serve as third-party leadership references (word document)
  3. Recent photograph (high quality jpeg file)

Completed candidate applications must be submitted by February 28, 2024.

If you have any questions regarding the information, please contact ASET’s Executive Director, Kevin Helm, at [email protected].

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Education & Training

[Please follow the format and example: BS, University of Iowa, 1984; MS, University of Iowa, 1987, etc.]
[Please list position/title, employer, length of employment with the most recent experience first. Please follow the format and example: Supervisor of EEG Lab, Memorial Hospital, Denver, CO, 1986-1990]
[Due to space limitations, please limit your contributions to 10 entries which can include published articles, officer positions or volunteer activities held with professional organizations, etc. Examples: ASET NCS Course Speaker, 2008; WSET President, 2006-07]
[Example: Maureen Berkeley Award, 2003]
(Note: At the time of installation and during term of office, no officer or trustee shall serve on any other health care board at the national level. This restriction does not apply to service on boards of national public charities or private foundations in the health care field.)

ASET Candidate Questions

[ASET reserves the right to edit your response if necessary, but you will have an opportunity to approve any changes to your listing prior to publication to the membership. Limit your responses to each question to no more than 250 words.]