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A strategic plan is a working document that helps a Board of Trustees chart a course for the organization by identifying priorities for a certain time period. The following strategic plan was crafted based on member input and with careful deliberation to accommodate the growing numbers and diversity of ASET’s membership. The ASET Strategic Plan, which spans from 2021-2024, was approved by the ASET Board of Trustees in March 2021. The plan has four categories:


Goal: ASET is recognized by its members as the preferred source for programs and services that meet their professional needs.


  1. Utilize member research to determine, enhance and differentiate ASET’s value proposition by member categories.
  2. Increase the number of new volunteers undertaking governance and other roles on behalf of ASET.
  3. Launch career-specific marketing/communication campaigns to increase engagement in the Society.
  4. Collaborate with Neurodiagnostic school Program Directors to connect with and increase engagement of students and new graduates.
  5. Develop a Mentorship Program to engage with students and early-career Neurodiagnostic professionals.


Goal: ASET is recognized as the premier resource for Neurodiagnostic education and professional development.


  1. Develop and promote educational programming targeted to the different stages of a Neurodiagnostic professional’s career.
  2. Develop educational programming that incorporates innovative technologies to improve learning outcomes.
  3. Collaborate with the ASET Foundation to expand grant programs providing educational opportunities for individuals working in underserved areas.


Goal: Recognition is achieved of Neurodiagnostic credentials.


  1. Engage target audiences, stakeholders and key decision makers to support recognition of professional credentials and minimum education recommendations.
  2. Promote uniform adoption of ASET professional title nomenclature.


Goal: Neurodiagnostic best practices and innovative technologies are established and supported by research and external partnerships.


  1. Engage with members and other key stakeholders to determine ASET’s innovation focus.
  2. Support research in Neurodiagnostics and the development of evidence-based practice.
  3. Increase awareness of industry innovations and interpret their value to the profession.