Neurodiagnostic Week

Neurodiagnostic Week is that time of year when we honor and celebrate the contributions of neurodiagnostic professionals.  It is a week-long event to demonstrate pride in the profession and in the individual accomplishments of neurodiagnostic technologists throughout the world.  It is also an excellent opportunity to educate other, recruit new students into the profession and to promote neurodiagnostic awareness in the community.
Neurodiagnostic Week, sponsored by the ASET - The Neurodiagnostic Society, points out the many ways in which neurodiagnostic professionals work to ensure the health of all Americans, not only in their day to day practice, but through advocacy, education and research.  During this week, hospitals, schools and other institutions acknowledge the year-round efforts of neurodiagnostic technologists.  In addition, many neurodiagnostic departments hold open houses, sponsor special activities for the public and hospital staff and perform community events.
Neurodiagnostic Week is celebrated annually during the third full week of April.  If you are not already celebrating Neurodiagnostic Week in your area, this is a good year to start.  If annual activities are always on the agenda, that'e even better.   

Mission of Neurodiagnostic Week

  • Honor and thank neurodiagnostic professionals for their contributions
  • Demonstrate the value of neurodiagnostic technologists in all healthcare settings
  • Promote neurodiagnostic in the workplace and the community
  • Increase awareness of neurological issues in all environments
  • Educate and encourage prospective students about career opportunities and growth of the profession

As the sponsor of Neurodiagnostic Week, ASET offers Neurodiagnostic Week products such as a poster to display.  In 2015 we will be hosting a theme contest, for more information click here.

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