EP 101: Fundamentals of Evoked Potentials

This course has been developed to instruct those performing clinical evoked potentials as well as providing a foundation for intraoperative neuromonitoring professionials in the basics of Evoked Potentials. The course includes all modalities of EP, Visual, Brainstem Auditory and Somatosensory. Instrumentation is included, with explanations of sampling rate, vertical and horizontal resolution, filters, differential amplifiers, averaging of clinical signals, signal to noise ratio, and common mode rejection. Montaging and the difference between near and far field potentials is also included as well as analysis time or time base. Use of the ACNS Guidelines in clinical EPs will be discussed in each modality and the use of universal precautions and patient safety will be addressed for each modality. Criteria for clinical abnormality in each modality will also be discussed. Options for use in surgical monitoring will be discussed in brief. Course Goals: Participants will study the fundamental components of evoked potential testing.



Author: Denise Bates, R. EP T., CNIM, MBA, HCM

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