LTM 105: Instrumentation in LTM

This course will instruct the learner in the fundamentals of electrode function and connection methods, instrument amplifier components and functions, digital video and audio functionality, computer networking and data storage basics, LTM review equipment functionality, power support, and equipment life cycle management. Also discussed will be QEEG basics and advanced topics, and QEEG measures in the ICU.


Required reading: All reading assignments are included in the course. No text books are needed.


Experience level(s): This is a good introductory course describing the needs, skills, and knowledge base required for instrumentation used in an LTM, EMU, or ICU monitoring unit. It is also an excellent preparation for technologists of all levels preparing to take the credentialing exam or is in need of continuing education to refresh their skills.


Schedule: Fifteen lessons, nine quizzes, a practice exam, and a final comprehensive exam (156 questions).


Format: Self-paced. MP3 audio file player; Adobe Reader, Microsoft Word.


Faculty: Dan Sweeney, R. EEG/EP T., CNIM, CLTM. Guest presenters include Jay Gunkelman, CMET, BS, and Mark Scheuer, M.D.



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