LTM 102: Seizures

This course will review seizure pattern recognition, classifications of seizures, common epilepsy syndromes in adults and children, status epilepticus mental status evaluations during seizures, cortical dysplasia, discriminating between epileptic and non-epileptic development seizures, sudden unexpected death in epilepsy patients, and setting up an LTM monitoring plan. Environmental and physiological artifact recognition and when possible elimination or monitoring, identification of specific patterns associated with neurological disorders, neurological states and coma status, and special considerations for patients due to age or state are also skills addressed in this course.


Required reading: 1) Atlas of EEG in Critical Care by Lawrence Hirsch, M.D., and Richard Brenner, M.D. and 2) Epilepsy and Intensive Care Monitoring by Bruce Fisch, M.D.


Experience level(s): This course is designed to help prepare the experienced EEG Technologist for the credentialing exam in Long Term Monitoring.


Schedule: Sixteen lessons, fourteen quizzes, and a final comprehensive exam (94 questions)


Format: Self-paced. QuickTime video or MP3 audio file player; Adobe



Faculty: Pat Trudeau, R. EEG T., CLTM, and Maggie Marsh-Nation, MSIDT, R. EEG/EP T., CNIM. With guest lecturers: Andreas V Alexopoulos, M.D., MPH; Susan Arnold, M.D.; Robert Bonwetsch, M.D.; Bruce J Fisch, M.D.; Tanvir Syed, M.D.; Cale Wilcox, R. EEG T., CLTM



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