LTM 106: Data Management in LTM

This course instructs the participant in the following topics dealing with the management of data in LTM and ICU monitoring units: Scanning, Pruning, Cropping, Clipping, Spike/seizure detection, Trend analysis, Editing, Archiving, Storing.


Required reading: All reading assignments are included in the course. No text books are needed.


Experience level(s): Advanced. This course is an excellent preparation for advanced technologists preparing to take the credentialing exam or is in need of continuing education to refresh their skills.


Schedule: Six lessons, two quizzes and a final exam (32 questions).


Format: Self-paced. MP3 audio file player; Adobe Reader.


Faculty: Anthony Bell, R. EEG/EP T., CNIM, CLTM. Guest lecturer, Michael J. Guess, VP Customer Service, Persyst Development Corp.



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