Preventing Skin Breakdown and Electrode Injuries

This is the hot topic nationwide for the neurodiagnostic community. Whether you work in clinical EEG or in IONM, electrode injuries can occur. Many neurophysiology labs have begun collecting data on the incidence of skin breakdown and injuries related to electrodes. A panel of experts will address various aspects of this issue of injuries at Children's Hospital of Colorado, technologists who are working on the ASET Skin Safety Integrity Task Force, and Brett Netherton, who has published articles about electrode injuries in the operating room. The goal of this group is to come up with "best practices" for reducing skin injury. They will share their findings with the audience, followed by audience discussion.

Authors: Carol Price, RN, MSN, CWS, DAPWCA

Sharyn Katz, R. EEG T.

Cinthia Jenkinson, R. EEG T.

Brett Netherton, CNIM, MS, FASNM



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