Surgical Neurophysiology, 2nd Edition

This book contains 10 chapters and 11 quizzes and has a total of 600 multiple choice questions. These questions are designed for easy understanding and memorization. This is an excellent resource for someone who is getting trained or is ready to take a certification exam in IONM. 

This book can be used by technologists, neurophysiologists, neurologists, anesthesiologists, neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons or ENT surgeons as a quick guide to understanding the basics of surgical neurophysiology.
"Dr. Jahangiri provides a clear and concise guide for the technologist preparing for the CNIM. In addition, the book covers the basics of IONM and should be a staple reference for the practicing technologist. The book has an easy style and broad coverage of the field of IONM with questions to challenge the reader...this book should be on the shelf of every IONM laboratory." 
Jeffery Balzer, PhD, FASNM, DABNM Associate Professor of Neurological Surgery University of Pittsburgh Medical Center
 “Uniquely organized didactic and practical language separates this book. A CNIM myself, I certainly wish I could have benefited from this invaluable source when preparing for the exam! Eliminating the need for multiple handouts on guidelines, sample tests and answer sheets, everything is held in this handy 6”x 9” comprehensive reference and study guide. The author’s unique approach to teaching IONM is exemplified in this book.” 
Katrina Huggins, CNIM, FASCN (Vice President) Christopher Townsend, CNIM, FASCN (President) At United Neurodiagnostic Professionals of America
By Faisal R Jahangiri, MD, CNIM, D.ABNM
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